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A bit more about us

My wife, Kelly, and I love this great nation with all of our hearts.

I am a storyteller. Since 1998, I have been telling the true stories of our nation and those Americans gone before us. To say the least, these stories have been well received by Americans, both young and old. So, here’s where the stories have taken me. In 1998, I was broadcasting my stories on just one radio station in Washington State. Today, from Texas 20 years later, these programs are now broadcast through a syndicated radio network to over 300 radio stations all across America, with literally millions of listeners.

After so many calls of encouragement from my listeners, Kelly and I have formed an educational program which we have named “Saving The Nation”. It is a 501c3 tax exempt organization which is designed to do one thing – get these true stories of our America out to our young people. After all, they are the America of tomorrow and what better way to save our nation than to turn our future American leaders back to the principles and ideals that, with God’s mighty Help, make our America once again the single greatest nation in the world.

It was President Abraham Lincoln who said, “The Philosophies taught in our school rooms today will be the Philosophies of our government tomorrow”!

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