Our Mission:

To tell the true stories of our America and what we must know and do as

“We The People”


When we look at our America, we see the greatest Nation in the world. But what is it that makes our America so great?

God gave us this great land for His Glory – Almighty God is America’s Father.

And the true stories that Jerry tells – show us, remind us all of God’s place in our Nation. And for the children hearing these powerful stories for the first time, it’s a great foundation to build their lives upon and teach them to be good citizens and to be proud of where they live.

So, instead of giving up on America; instead of just letting those who want to destroy the “greatness” of our Nation, and do their damage, we believe that we must all stand up for America and speak out so that all will know the stories, good and bad, of America.

We must fight to save America, God’s America, the single greatest Nation in the world.