Principle 1 – “Respect”

“Which One Are You Feeding?”  
      By Jerry Stewart       

The story is told of an old Cherokee Chief speaking with his grandson about the battle going on inside us all.

He said,  “The battle inside us is like two wolves. One is evil, it is angry, envious, jealous, greedy, arrogant,

a liar full of false pride and an inflated ego; the other wolf is good, it is joyful, peaceful, loving,

                                                                    humble, kind, benevolent, generous, truthful, full of compassion and faith and love”.

                                                                       But, the grandson asked oh so carefully;
                                                                      “Grandfather, of these two wolves inside us, which wolf wins?”
                                                              The grandfather’s reply?
                                                              “The one you feed the most”.

                                                                          Look at yourself for a moment, think about yourself and ask yourself this question,
                                                                       Which one are you feeding?


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