“Easy Eddie – The Story of a Legacy”

Whether we like it or not, each of us is making a Legacy for those coming after to follow.
This is the true story of one man, and the “legacy” decision he made that cost him everything.

The Flag Is Still There

The date was August 1945. The U.S. Marines were fighting in a battle on a small island in the South Pacific, Iwo Jima.

This video is the story of what happened on that small island, and the great part the Flag, Old Glory, played in helping them to win that war in the single bloodiest of WWII that cost us 7,000 Marine lives.

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“We Are All Responsible”

The Flag is still there, but for how long?  Why is our U.S. Flag important?

Jerry and Kelly in Africa Part 1

The fight between the Wildebeests and Crocodiles – who will win the race?

Is the Flag Still There?

Yes, the flag is still there, but it will only survive as long as “We The People” who love America stand up, speak out, and refuse to give in to the “AmeriCAN’Ts.