Jerry Stewart is dedicated to telling America’s forgotten history and hero stories with an emphasis on Character, Morals and Constitutional foundations on which America was built upon.  A foundation which is being attacked and will be gone if we don’t save it. 

Jerry has been producing his syndicated radio programs, plus traveling for speaking engagements across America for 25 years, and authored a book called “Saving America”.  Before this, he had spent 9 years in Hollywood as a business manager and a live event producer.

As part of his studies on the topics he speaks about, he has spent the last 12 years traveling to better understand the world and mankind.  Jerry’s foundational ideals of God and Country and the honoring of those Patriots in America that, with God’s Help, have given us our great Nation.

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  • Average Speaking fee $500-$1,500. This amount varies per event.

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To get more information – call 817-995-6965

Jerry Stewart

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