“Hard Times – Thankful Hearts”


It will tell the true story of the Pilgrims, about their being driven out of England because of their religious beliefs.

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You will hear the story of what really happened to the pilgrims.

You will hear the story of Isidore Baline who wrote perhaps the most popular patriotic song in all our American history.  This story is unbelievable!

We all know the story of Helen Keller; but what do we know of one woman, Anne Sullivan.  She was Helen Keller’s teacher who had a terrible childhood, but her hardships actually brought about a powerful blessing to Helen Keller and millions of other people around the world.

And more amazing stories…….

Get this Thanksgiving Day program on CD plus a second CD “Overcoming” and also the signed Manuscript for 21.95 plus  $6 S/H

That’s 2 CDs and the written signed manuscript for $27.95