In 1776, when the 56 members of that continental congress signed our American Declaration of Independence, the first to sign was John Hancock.  But, when he signed that document, he signed it so big.  Why? Well, some say John Hancock was an egomaniac, looking only to build himself up.  He signed the way he did just to show off.  But the truth is this: The King of England, King George III had already made it perfectly clear to all Americans – “Resist my rule and I will crush you”.  So, eyewitnesses that day tell us that when Hancock signed his name so big, after signing, he said, “there, I guess King George will be able to read that, even without his glasses”.  You see, John Hancock was not some egomaniac, he was a brave patriot willing to die for the cause of freedom and a country that he loved so very much.  But the question is this: given those same circumstances, would you have signed?  Think about it.